Plumes: Green

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8"The fourth painting released in the “Plumes” series. It also make a great backdrop for any photo shoot.


Holly Jolly

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"Have a holly jolly Christmas.

Cold Day

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"After this was finished I thought it looked like snow on fire which is where the title Cold Day (In Hell) came from. Then I thought I would be funny to juxtapose that against the Hope Sculpture. This painting didn’t last long which is good because acrylic paint doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Spinner and Turner

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"Originally started as an homage to J.M.W. Turner and friend mentioned that she liked it better upside down and then it reminded me of the underside of Bespin. This never made it out into the world because a different friend liked it so much I couldn't refuse giving it... Continue Reading →

Nebula: Orange

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"As a child I used to love staring at pictures of nebulas. Playing with tone on tone gives me the same feelings. This is part of a series of paintings.

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