Legal Stuff

If you find a painting, it is yours to keep and enjoy for your own personal use. While it has been provided it to you at no expense, the artist retains all intellectual property rights to this artwork and no part of it may be reproduced without the prior written consent of the artist except for editorial purposes. If you would like to reproduce it or use it for commercial purposes, please email us at so we can work together to bring more art to the world.

We also ask that you do not sell the art. If you later decide the art is no longer your style or just does not go with the design aesthetic of your place, then please return the card to the back of the painting and leave it somewhere for someone else to find and enjoy. If the card is no longer attached to the back of the art, please visit our website to reprint and reattach.

If you do sell it, we hope that you get a lot of money for it and that you use all or some of the proceeds to support a charity, help someone less fortunate or by making a donation to our art project at

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