Birds of a Feather

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8"I'm not sure if I can think of anything more accurate during this these polarized times. When empathy and compassion seem lost try to look for the similarities and not the differences.


Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8"Sometimes the only thing that everyone can agree upon is that all the pieces are there but nothing is in the right order.

Bat Boy

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"In my younger years one of my favorite things was the "Weekly World News." Sadly it ended it's physical run in 2007. If you remember it you will understand the title.


Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8" Much of the joy of the Christmas Season is remembering your reaction to it as a child.

Natural Emotion

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" I believe in art as therapy. Sometimes it's best to grab the colors and tools you're responding to and allowing the results to show you where you are.

Gold Fire

Acrylic on canvas | 14" x 11" This painting went through three iterations before landing on the final piece. Sometimes you take something good and ruin it (not always on purpose) and need to find a way to salvage it again.

Things are beginning

After months of behind the scenes work we are close to launching this project. There is still a fair amount that needs to be done but the launch is going to be exciting and on a larger scale than originally anticipated.

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