Clown Flowers I

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8" Sometimes it's fun to take two things and bash them together. Here's the first one.


Sundae In The Park

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" I seem to have gone through a phase of paintings that remind me of melted candy and ice cream.

Plumes: Amazon

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8"This is the seventh painting released in the "Plumes" series and the second painting released during wide spread wild fires in the world. We could do without the latter.


Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"There is a lot of skill, dedication and time required to learn certain painting techniques.

New Wave Reptilian

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"I would imagine that the successor to Crocodile Rock would have to be New Wave Reptilian. Some may say it was Disco Lizard but I think we can all agree that it was just a passing fad.

Rojo Segundo

Acrylic on canvas | 14" x 11"When I finished I felt like I had seen this before. I realized it was reminding me of the album cover for "Segundo" by Juana Molina. Whoever finds this should listen to that album while looking at the painting to complete my symbiotic circle of art.

The Way Home

Acrylic on canvas | 16" x 20" I saw these colors in the art store and decided I wanted to try something geometric with them. Then I remembered I hate geometric art and added more organic curves. It reminds me of highway on / off ramps.

Red Light Green Light

Acrylic on canvas | 14" x 11"If you study your color wheel you’ll find that red and green make brown. What you do with that information is up to you.

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