Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" I bought some new tools to play around with recently which always spurs new ideas. This didn't come out anything like what I envisioned in my head but I really like the result. I enjoy when art is experimental regardless of the outcome.

Coral Reef

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8" If I don’t like how a painting is turning out I press it against another blank canvas to see the results. “Sunrise Through Fog” was the painting and this is the result.

Sunrise Through Fog

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" It almost seems counter-intuitive to reverse engineer a project but a backward perspective can sometimes be the most valuable one.

Gold Fire

Acrylic on canvas | 14" x 11" This painting went through three iterations before landing on the final piece. Sometimes you take something good and ruin it (not always on purpose) and need to find a way to salvage it again.

The Abyss

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" The nice thing about abstract art is it lends itself to interpretation from the viewer. I live with the paintings in my space and look at them a lot before they are released. I see things in them and usually that is where the title will come from.

Plumes: Amazon

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8"This is the seventh painting released in the "Plumes" series and the second painting released during wide spread wild fires in the world. We could do without the latter.


Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"There is a lot of skill, dedication and time required to learn certain painting techniques.

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