The Way Home

Acrylic on canvas | 16" x 20" I saw these colors in the art store and decided I wanted to try something geometric with them. Then I remembered I hate geometric art and added more organic curves. It reminds me of highway on / off ramps.


Red Light Green Light

Acrylic on canvas | 14" x 11"If you study your color wheel you’ll find that red and green make brown. What you do with that information is up to you.

Plumes: Volcano

Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8"The sixth painting released in the “Plumes” series. It reminds me of the burning embers under a cooling crust and makes me want to take a journey with a ring.


Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10"Inspired by a early morning photo of oxidizing copper before the crew had a chance to polish it aboard the Stephen Taber.

Aqua Marine Monster

Acrylic on canvas | 11" x 14"The joy of abstract art is the ability to interpret it however you would like. Once the artist tries to explain it it becomes less interesting.

Bee It Is

Acrylic on canvas | 11" x 14"This has been loitering around the studio like a bee in a garden since 2017. It’s time it made it’s way out into the world.


Acrylic on canvas | 10" x 8" A contradictory literal abstract representation of an emotion.

You’re Never Alone

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" The title comes from a line in the song “Saint Augustine in Hell” by Sting. If you look closely in the flames you will find a myriad of incidental characters.

Cherry Sunday

Acrylic on canvas | 8" x 10" Sunday evening is like when you get to the bottom of your sundae and it’s just the remains of what had come before it.

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